Dear Pierce County Executive and Council Members:


The Pierce Communities Coalition (Coalition), an ad hoc committee of citizen representatives of the Urban Growth Area (UGA) communities of South Hill, Fredrickson, Parkland, Spanaway, Midland, and Summit View, has retained TBA Consulting, Inc. to conduct a review and evaluation of a number of issues, outlined below, relevant to the implementation of Pierce County Resolution No. R2016-79s, Attachment “A.”   The following narrative, findings, conclusions, and opinions are based upon my review of public records, discussion with county officials, my personal knowledge and evaluation of Pierce County operations, and my professional experience with Pierce County and the Pierce County Public Works & Utilities Department, where I served the citizens of Pierce County for nearly 32 years – 15 years as County Engineer:

The Coalition seeks your continued support of community based planning which is officially recognized by the State Growth Management Act (GMA) as “sub-area plans.”  More specifically, the Coalition requests that the Pierce County Council and Executive address the Coalition’s concerns outlined herein by the inclusion of these issues within implementation of the work program related to Resolution R2016-79s to the extent necessary to fully understand the probable negative, or unintended consequences, of moving forward with the work program and concepts contained in the PSRC Plan Review Report & Certification Recommendation, dated April 28, 2016.

It is my understanding that legal representatives for the Pierce Communities Coalition will submit an independent legal opinion to address whether the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) has authority over Pierce County elected officials with regard to comprehensive land use planning, or whether PSRC authority is limited to “transportation” related issues.  The following discussion will not address PSRC authority, but rather the probable negative or unintended consequences of complying with presumed PSRC authority and the work program incorporated into Resolution R2016-79s.  Continued…

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Evaluation-Urbanization-of-Pierce-County_R2016-79s_170120  (January 20, 2017)


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