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New Ideas for County Planning (1/24/17)

Pierce County Ordinance No. 2017-12 (New planned merger responsibilities of Planning and Land Services and Public Works departments)

David Artis letter to Pierce County Executive and Council Members (Re: Report by Tom Ballard and Associates, January 20, 2017)

Evaluation of the Urbanization of Pierce County – Resolution No. 2016-79s (Report by Tom Ballard & Associates, January 20, 2017)

The Pierce County Proposed “City of Pierce” (Express your Opinions and Comments, 7/19/16)

City of Pierce PSRC Proposal – Rebuttal Strategy Draft (6/2/16)

King-Pierce County Data Comparisons – US Census-2015 (PDF) Updated 5/22/17

King-Pierce County Data Comparisons – US Census-2015 (Excel) Updated 5/22/17

50-Year Vision Draft for Pierce County (by Jim Akers)



Sound Transit 3 – Projects, Funding, Tax Impact and Phase In

Portland Avenue East Corridor Study (April 2011)

Urban Transportation Grid – PowerPoint Show (Tacoma Compared to Unincorporated South Pierce County)

HB 2995 – House Bill Analysis (Implementing a regional transportation plan for central Puget Sound counties, January 2006)

Images of Old Railroad Stations (How Tacoma Rail could be redesigned)

Tacoma Rail Map


Water Quality

Sole Source Aquifer Designation of the Central Pierce County (EPA)

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