About PCC

  • The Pierce Communities Coalition consists of 4 areas within the county South of Interstate 512 and North of 208th Street South.
  • PCC has no paid employees or consultants and is an all volunteer organization.  Donations help to fund state and county regulatory research, accounting costs, office operations, website operation and maintenance.
  • The Pierce Communities Coalition Website is a resource for Planning, Research, and Commentary.  It is primarily Data and Document driven with a focus on issues that affect its member communities.

Please address your checks to:
P.O. Box 1071
Spanaway, WA 98387-1071


Our Mission:

  1. Pierce Communities Coalition mission is simple…Concurrence First before Annexation and Incorporation
  2. No development should take place unless these areas of infrastructure are addressed:
  • Employment
  • Transportation
  • Utilities


PCC Objectives:

  • The first objective is to put PSRC on notice that the PC Representatives have not given the PSRC all the required information they need for appropriate certifications provided for in the Growth Management RCW’s (This allows time to prepare several objectives to be put into a marketable strategy).
  • Determine the infrastructure of a community and what can be done to improve it. (Each PC Community)
  • Categorize each community’s current needs that are in common and those that are not. (we need to do this in order to maintain our community identities)
  • Prepare a list of infrastructures that are in common, and a separate list that are unique to a community.(Roads, Water, sewers, lighting, sidewalks, schools, parks, natural resources, business assets, environmental assets, etc.)
  • Develop a data base with what the maps say are urban/suburban growth, outlined in the yellow map sections of “City of Pierce” plan, to be used by PCC to show how much costs are for annexation and/or incorporation. (Costs to bring it up to standards of the city, the maintenance costs, and the tax revenues for the cities, and loss of county taxes). (We need to know exactly what is needed for each community before higher densities can be considered).
  • We need to list all the concurrent infrastructure needs for each community before infill can take place. (We need this to show why the “City of Pierce” is not feasible in its current form) -(We are not saying no to future growth, but are saying it has to be done correctly in order to save millions of extra future cost dollars that far exceed the current savings of $2.4 or 3.6 million that is pushing the “City of pierce” proposal effort-saving $2.4, or $3.6 million today increases costs in the next ten years more by at least a multiplier of 20 to one , _$2.4 M equals $48 m added in ten years from now because of lack of planning and preparation of roads and light rail rights of way and environmental costs)_ multiply that by how many bottle necks will be created and have to be corrected or remedied.; _estimated at ½ of a billion dollar result, plus the added tax burden on tax payers and business.)
  • Transportation planning is not sufficient or efficient for future growth of a “Pierce City” plan.
  • There is no research in place for current or future light rail to support economic growth areas to the south and to the east. The current planning for the I-5 corridor is not where major economic and industrial growth will take place. The easterly growth area is a bottle neck that is already hindering industrial growth, and the expansion of the Frederickson industrial expansion will be stifled in future industrial growth without public and business transportation corridors that are compatible with public housing and the work force.
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